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Allergy & Asthma Professionals
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 by Giasemi. Isihos

My husband And his family have been seeing Dr.Martin on and off for about 25 years
I trust no other Dr.
He has saved my husband’s life
He and his wife are wonderful
He cares
He Listens!!!!
When my husband was in the hospital he came to see how he was doing even though it was very late made sure we were ok and didn’t need anything
Not a lot of people do that
But he does
He is the exception!!!!
Thank you

 by Scott, Narberth, PA

I believe I started to see Dr. Martin in Upper Darby in 1985?? (fill in year) Although he is an allergist, he is also an internist. I use him as my family doctor so if I am sick, or having any health issues, I go to see him first. Dr. Martin is the best diagnostician I have ever come across. If there is a need for a specialist, he will send you to one, but more often than not he will figure out what is wrong with you and make a recommendation on how to treat whatever it is that ails you. When I first saw him, I was sick from traditional allergies ("spring fever"), but I also discovered I had all year around allergies such as issues with mold, dust, and animals. Within a few months under Dr. Martin's care, I was so much healthier!

His office staff is professional, helpful, friendly and very competent without fail. Whether you need a prescription filled, or are having symptoms of some sort, they will get a message to Dr. Martin and someone will get back to you with a recommendation. Many such as Katie have worked there for a very long time and know how to get their jobs done so the patients are put first. Dr. Martin will sometimes call me late to get back, but he always does call.

Dr. Martin will never rush you out of his office. He will give you the time you need to explain symptoms so that he can figure out what the problem is. Is it the flu, a cold, a sinus infection or some unrelated problem? He will figure it out.

Recently, I was having symptoms that were related to lifting a heavy box in my home. I was concerned that it might be something very serious, but if you are able to tell him specifics about your body, he will figure it out 99% of the time. He asked if I lifted anything heavy, and I remembered that I had. I was then able to treat my symptoms properly.

Years ago, my mother was sick and was going from doctor to doctor, unsure of what her symptoms were indicating. she went to Dr. Martin and he quickly ascertained that she was seriously ill and he sent her to the best doctor in the city for her particular illness so she would be properly treated.

Now, some may complain that they have to wait too long to see him at times, that he falls behind in his scheduling. There are times I've waited to see him for a long time in the office. Why? Not because he overbooks, but because if you are sick and call the office, he will work you into his appointment calendar. You may have a very late appointment, but the fact he will see me when I am sick and feeling horrible so that I can get on proper medicines if needed means so much. If he is working me into his appointment book that day, he is doing the same for others so I will bring something to read and wait until he can see me. I would take this every time versus other doctors who won't see you for another day or two or even much later. When you are sick, you want o get better ASAP and not wait an hour let alone days or a week!

I know of other instances of people who were critically ill that he took care of, making arrangements for them above and beyond the call of duty to make certain they can see another doctor or even have emergency surgery.

I can't recommend Dr. Martin and his staff strongly enough, a true family practice at Lankenau and Upper Darby. With the recent addition of a new doctor to the practice, Dr. Naveen Nannapaneni, I am certain that the "patient first" concept will be maintained, and that people looking for an allergist, internist, or family doctor could go to no better place in the Greater Philadelphia area for help.

 by Regina, Lansdowne, PA

I have been a patient of Dr Martin's for the past 10 years and now my whole family are patients! What a smart and devoted Doctor he is, going far beyond anyone I have ever seen before. Thank you Dr M for doing what you do!

 by Kelly, Wayne, PA

Dr. Martin is great! Before seeing him, I struggled with my seasonal allergies especially this year! He got to the bottom of my problem and started me on a plan this helping already! I will be a lifelong patient and recommend everyone to him!

 by Wendy, Penn Valley, PA

I finally convinced my husband to see a doctor after his breathing continued to worsen. Dr. Martin did a breathing test and an allergy skin test to determine why he was always short of breath. Since his new regime he is sleeping better. Thank you for the exceptional care!